Big Country Blues
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Letter From Director
:: June 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

On January 1st of 2010, I found myself in a rental car en route to Kentucky, listening to country radio and ruminating over the events that did and did not transpire over the previous year. I had spent countless hours in 2009, as well as the handful of years preceding, writing in cafes across the city, drinking overpriced coffees and waiting for the day when my writing would amount to something tangible. But it was on this southbound drive, with George Jones singing me home, that I decided to take matters into my own hands. So, my friends and esteemed colleagues, I am proud to announce that I am producing a country music web series… and I would love nothing more than for you to be a part of it.

As a Kentuckian-turned-New Yorker, I have always been fascinated by people who can escape a bad situation for greener pastures – but even more so by people who can’t. Growing up, I witnessed first-hand as those closest to me traded dreams and ambitions for compromises, regrets and lessons learned the hard way. This served as the inspiration for Big Country Blues, the story of a small town country singer weighed down by his past and his responsibilities, and what transpires as he leaves that life behind in pursuit of his country music dreams.

Today, many months following that New Year’s Day drive, preproduction on this passion project is well underway. We have attached an experienced production team, award-winning cinematographer David Erickson and an outstanding young cast including Nashville recording artist Jeremy McComb ("Wagon Wheel", "This Town Needs A Bar"). In addition, we have written and pre-recorded an original soundtrack, locked locations, storyboarded, test shot and experimented with various aesthetic concepts. With only a few months until principal photography, I am proud to report that Big Country Blues is really coming to life.

I cannot begin to express what this project means to me, and I wish for it to mean something to you as well. For as tirelessly as I am working, I cannot do this alone. Your support is invaluable to this process and I hope that you are willing to assist in whatever capacity possible; be it through monetary donations, food, locations, housing, transportation, etc. For more information regarding the project and ways you can contribute to the production, please visit our Donate page via Thank you for your time, your friendship, and all of your continuous support.

Keep it Country,

Brian Ross

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