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Travis Mann Band
:: October 9, 2012

Travis Mann Band stillCredited in the script as a band of "High Octane Honky Tonkers", The Travis Mann band proved themselves to be all that and more - not only providing multiple songs to the soundtrack and appearing prominently in episode 2 of the web series, but also single-handedly convincing our production team to film out on location in Nashville, Tennessee. What a feat!

We discovered TMB during a casting trip to Nashville in which we first met Jeremy McComb. At the time, we were convinced that filming the entirety of the series in New York was our most viable production option in terms of crew, convenience and finances (you ever notice that flying is expensive? Because flying is EXPENSIVE) However, during a post-casting drinking session at the Full Moon Saloon a performance by The Travis Mann Band changed all that. Witnessing the band's intensity, southern authenticity and their command and control of the crowd (who were losing their minds) we realized we didn't want a bar that looked like this or a band that sounded like this, we wanted THIS bar, THIS band - we were experiencing Nashville in its truest form and that could never be replicated - so following a conversation with Travis and a few trips to, the decision was made and BCB was headed to Nashville.

Composed of Travis Mann on vocals, Matthew Alan Lee, Brian Rosser (GREAT NAME) and the legendary "Slick" Joe Fick on standup bass, TMB were on board with Big Country Blues and supported us from the start. In addition to their rockabilly performance in episode 2 that rock(abilly)'d the house, they also lent multiple songs onto the BCB soundtrack. 

We've provided links to Travis Mann Band below, but if you're ever in Nashville, check them out for yourself at the Full Moon Saloon on Friday and Saturday night, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. And tell the owner, Gail, that Brian sent ya from "Big Country Blues". He won't know who you are or what that means, but you'll sound like a bauss. 

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