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The Newton Gang
:: October 2, 2011

Lead singer, JD Duarte, played an integral part in developing the sound and soundtrack for Big Country Blues. 

Newton Gang LogoServing as our music supervisor, JD found and secured a number of country bands and country tunes from the Brooklyn Country Music scene to appear in the web series. In addition to acquiring the songs that set the tone of BCB, JD's band, The Newton Gang, also contributed the song "Westbound" to the soundtrack, an uptempo country jam that appears in episode 4 of the series. 

Vocalsts JD Duarte and Carin Gorrell fashioned their musical
relationship from a Lower East Side Sunday afternoon honky-tonk in 2005. Joined by pedal steel player Gordon Hartin (formerly of Shooter Jennings and the .357s), the trio shaped the sound that would become The Newton Gang. By 2007, the band’s line-up would crystallize and move into its current, all-original format with Alan Lee Backer on lead guitar, Chester Hartin
on bass, and David Ciolino-Volano on the drums. Caught somewhere between the road weary 8-track country music era of Waylon Jennings and the “No Depression” post-grunge alt-country scene of the millennium lands The Newton Gang. The Gang spent five years of cutting their teeth in the seedy honky-tonk underbelly of the Brooklyn Country music scene before releasing their self-titled debut album, "The Newton Gang"

For JD's involvement in the soundtrack and helping to put the COUNTRY in Big Country Blues, we are officially naming his band The Newton Gang as our first Big Country Artist of the Month! Hear more at

Debut CD: The Newton Gang -
Brookly Country Compilation: This Is Brooklyn Country, Volume 1-


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