Big Country Blues
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This web series project was funded through the gracious donations of our friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and Kickstarter supporters. I would like to pay tribute to the BCB community who contributed to our Kickstarter page last spring and brought this story to life. Thank you all, from the bottom of my big, country heart!

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Sue Morrison Brian Saracusa Robbie Rescigno
Angela Polk Andrew Lowe Brandi Murray-Sidebotham
Jared Bloom Brian Faas Andrew Mains
Eric Cunningham Alexandra Kearns Nick Murray
Roy Ross Stacy Giandalia Meghan Valerio-Kaminski
Kathleen Murray Ginny Morrison Kara Boodakian
Ela Their Jason Shebiro Sean Johnson
Ian Phillips Jon Bowling Annie Gillies
Weldon Powers Beth Silvestrini Kasey Hults
Georgina Phillips Brianna McCarthy Ellen Lowrey
Claudia Castilla Matt Stapleton Alliah Sophia
Sandra Kampf Angela Gallo Kathleen Grimm-Schultz
Kevin Prince Stephen Cox Jaime Entner
Katie Miervaldis Bobbi K Coup Nick Tuths
Christopher Dodds Matt Warbet Travis Otten
Marc Georges Dema Hanna Amber Porpora
Paul F Tompkins Eli Griffith Liz Urschel
Shubha Shuklas Hammer Janice Strout
Cory Choy Jay Michael Shuter Alejandro Soto Goico
Stephanie Grejtak Heather Shoemaker William Dodds
Eric Dodds Ron Ross Linda Ross
Katie Stewart Matt Erdosy Phyllos Ross