Big Country Blues
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Press: Awards

Grayson and Brooke

  • 2011 Telly Awards
    Silver Telly for Drama
    Silver Telly for Music
    Bronze Prize for Editing
    Bronze "People's Telly" Award.

    Telly Silver Laurel     Telly Silver Laurel      Telly Bronze Laurel     People's Telly Bronze

  • International Television Festival
    Winner “Best Drama”
    Nomination "Best Directing Web Series"  
    Nomination "Best Actor"  Shane Allen
    Nomintation "Best Actress"  Sarah e Jacobs

    ITVfest best drama

  • IFQ Film & New Media Festival
    "Best Drama New Media"

    IFQ laurels

  • Los Angeles Webfest
    "Outstanding Drama Series"
    "Outstanding Writing"
    "Outstanding Directing"
    "Outstanding Cinematography" David A Erickson
    "Outstanding Editing"
    "Outstanding Acting" Jeremy McComb, Sarah e Jacobs, Shane Allen

    lawebfest drama
    lawebfest directinglawebfest writinglawebfest cinematographylawebfest editinglawebfest acting
  • Best Shorts 
    "Award of Merit" Webisode 
    "Award of Merit" Writing